Genetic medicines to cure patients with life-threatening diseases

We develop transformative mRNA therapies by leveraging our ground-breaking proprietary delivery technology, machine learning and superior nucleic acid engineering.

Delivery development

Our modular, scalable, and non-immunogenic nanocarriers can target tissues and cell types beyond the liver and highly outperform leading delivery technologies.

Machine learning

Our trained ML models predict carrier quality and performance to guide us in choosing the best candidates from a library of millions of distinct carriers. See Publication →

Genetic payload engineering

We can design and engineer mRNA with highly superior protein expression levels compared to mRNA therapeutics used in the clinic.

Drug development

Currently, our primary focus is on advancing a pipeline of therapies targeting cancer, lung diseases and neurodegenerative diseases.

About Us

We are a team of passionate scientists and entrepreneurs, collaborating with expert scientific and business advisors.


Join our team

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